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Welcome to Our Title 1 Math Website!

I am excited to be working with Title 1 math students this year!  Students forget how much we use our mathematical skills in everyday life, and it is my hope that they can start to look at difficult math problems as challenges they can solve with some effort.  There is nothing like seeing a smile come over a student’s face, when he/she figures something out in math.  My goal is to see more and more “ah ha” smiles this year J

Right now, a big push for students is to master math facts.  Most work in math requires a knowledge of the basic addition/subtraction facts.  As students move into 3rd and 4th grade, they need to learn multiplication facts, as well.  Under “Resources” to the left, you will see some helpful suggestions for helping your child at home.  

Be sure to check out “Useful Links” on the tab to the left, as well.  There you will find a link for our “Go Math!”  connection.  Using your child’s username and password, given out by his/her teacher, your child will have access to multiple Go Math! electronic resources, such as:   the Go Math! Student Edition, Go Math! Student Edition eBook, Math Concept Readers, Interactive Student Edition, and Math on the Spot Video Tutorial.   If your child has any trouble accessing the link, please contact one of us.

Did you know…?

* What’s the difference between standard form, written form, and expanded form?

Ex. 326
Standard form:  326
Written form:  three hundred twenty-six
Expanded form:  300 + 20 + 6

*  What are the numbers being added and the answer in an addition fact called?

The numbers being added are called the “addends” and the answer is called the “sum”  (In a subtraction fact, the answer is called the “difference”.)  

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the terms and different ways to calculate.  If you have a question on something, please feel free to contact me via the link on the left hand side or by emailing me directly at   I look forward to helping make this a fun year of math for your child! 


Mrs. Taudel